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Marketing has changed. Here’s how we’ve responded.

We know it’s getting harder and harder for businesses to stand out. People have more options and shorter attention spans. That means your marketing has to help them find valuable content on your website and give them a reason to stick around.

For companies without a dedicated department, we make marketing simple, strategic, and effective. We write industry-specific blogs and create landing pages that address your target audience’s needs and rank highly on search engines, like Google. We also use social media and email to engage new audiences and drive traffic back to your website. Our work is built on best practices and results-driven.

At Idea Marketing Group, we understand what works, what doesn’t, and why.

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Reach more customers with online marketing

Reach more customers.

We make sure our clients get discovered, whether their customers are researching or ready to buy. We integrate several marketing channels throughout the year, as well as ongoing website SEO, and online advertising to reach the largest target audience possible.

Engage more qualified leads with effective marketing

Engage more qualified leads.

We help clients shift the focus from what they make to what they make possible for their customers. Using an audience-centric content plan, we ensure their messaging consistently answers the questions their customers are asking.

Editorial calender for smart marketing

Know what to say, where, + when.

We help our clients establish and organize their marketing priorities in order to develop effective content assets. Then, we create an editorial calendar that guarantees their efforts are more consistent throughout the year.

Measuring marketing with advanced metric tools

Know if your marketing is working.

Our marketing partnerships begin by documenting measurable goals, so we both know what success looks like. Throughout the year, we track key performance indicators and make adjustments based on the advanced analytic data we use.

Ready to grow? Hire Idea as your marketing partner and start getting results.

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